Official Biography

I am proud to begin with the fact that I am a Wichita native who has lived nearly all of my life in the 29th District.  I might hold office, but my life is likely a lot like yours: working, raising a family, and serving actively in countless volunteer and civic roles throughout the community.

I’m also proud to personally know HUNDREDS of my constituents.  When I engage my community, I don’t have a stump speech.  I want to know how you and your family are coping with our recent recession and jobs crisis.  I want to know how your children are doing in school.  Most of all, I want to know what I can do to help.

I’ve spent a lifetime sharing hopes and fears, disappointments and joys, hardships and successes, struggles and victories with my community.  I attended Wichita State studying pre-law.  Both of my daughters attended public schools.  Yes, I spend a few months a year in Topeka;  But I live in Wichita and am intensely proud of that.

Citizen lobbying It’s easy to see why Democrats and Republicans alike frequently turn to me for a human perspective on various issues.  From childcare to  law-enforcement, I not only put a face on the issues but often the names and stories of my constituents in D29 that first brought the matter to my attention.  I am best known by my fellow legislators as a pro-development progressive, who eagerly backs “Jobs Through Development” for my constituents.  Smart development of our community lifts all of us up.

Wrangling compromises between Democrats and Republicans, I do my best to practice the bipartisan ideal of the Senate — improving Kansas for everyone.  For more on my life, check out the following links:

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